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Pepsi - Custom beer & Beverage products promotions


Project Case Study: Pepsi - Innovative Promotional Items for Amplified Brand Presence


Client: Pepsi - Iconic Beverage Brand


Background: PepsiCo is a globally recognized and beloved beverage brand that has always been synonymous with refreshing and innovative. To enhance their brand awareness and boost their marketing campaigns, they chose to work with us, Longrichbar, a specialist solution manufacturer proficient in promotional products. Our specialty lies in creating bespoke, high-impact promotional items designed to increase brand recognition.


Provided Promotional Items: In close collaboration with Pepsi, we meticulously curated an extensive range of innovative promotional items aimed at maximizing brand exposure. Among these standout items are:

Pepsi Custom Metal Beer Bucket Item

Metal Beer Bucket

Beer Tray

Custom Bar Mat

Bottle Opener

Aluminium Cup

Lemon Lime Slicer

Custom Napkin Dispenser

Custom Coaster

Desktop Bottle Opener

Plastic Beer Basket

A4 Poster Light Box

Promotional Decorative Balls


Pepsi - Custom beer and beverage product promotions project


Solution and Craftsmanship: Working closely with the Pepsi team, we delved deep into understanding their brand philosophy and marketing objectives. Building upon their requirements, we embarked on creating customized promotional items that perfectly embodied Pepsi's brand essence. Employing top-quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative designs, each item was thoughtfully crafted to resonate with Pepsi's brand identity. Our collaborative process included multiple rounds of discussions and refinements to ensure the final products surpassed their highest expectations.


Key Achievements: The innovative promotional items yielded remarkable results for Pepsi. Beyond enhancing brand visibility, these items became captivating focal points in various settings. The Metal Beer Bucket, Pepsi Napkin Dispenser, and Pepsi Beer Tray became iconic elements in Dining room bars and events, creating a memorable Pepsi ambiance.


Pepsi Custom Napkin Dispenser Item


Client Testimonial: "We extend our sincere appreciation to this manufacturer for creating such uniquely crafted promotional items for us. These items not only elevated our marketing efforts but also significantly reinforced our brand's presence in the market. The collaboration experience was exceptionally rewarding, yielding results that far exceeded our initial aspirations." - Pepsi Brand Representative


Client Testimonial


Lessons and Forward-Looking Perspective: This project underscores our mastery and precision in the realm of promotional products. Through the creation of innovative promotional items for Pepsi, we empowered them to achieve their brand promotion goals while solidifying their position in the market. As we move forward, our commitment to innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship will continue to infuse every project, injecting fresh vitality into brand experiences and setting new industry standards.

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