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Coca-Cola - A Leading Global Beverage Brand


Project Case Study: Coca-Cola - Custom Beer and Beverage Product Promotions with Longrichbar

Client: Coca-Cola - A Leading Global Beverage Brand

Coca-Cola - A Leading Global Beverage Brand


Background: Coca-Cola has always been a well-known beverage brand around the world, known for its unique taste and innovative marketing activities. In order to further increase brand awareness and promote marketing, Coca-Cola chose to cooperate with Longrichbar, a solutions provider specializing in manufacturing promotional products. We specialize in creating highly customized, high-impact promotional items designed to enhance your brand.

Project Objectives: The primary goals of this project were to enhance brand reputation, attract more consumers, and amplify the marketing effectiveness of various Coca-Cola products. Specifically, Coca-Cola aimed to achieve the following objectives through this promotional series:

Increase Brand Exposure: Introduce Coca-Cola's brand logo and slogans into various settings through customized promotional products, thereby boosting brand recognition.

Expand Market Share: Attract more consumers to try different Coca-Cola products, driving sales growth and market share expansion.



We worked closely with Coca-Cola to meticulously plan a series of innovative promotional products, Here are some of the standout items we provided:

1. Bar Mat: Custom Coca-Cola bar mats that not only increased the brand's visibility at Longrichbar but also drew customers' attention in bars and restaurants.

2. Aluminum Cup: Produced customized aluminum cups featuring the Coca-Cola logo, creating a brand presence for consumers as they enjoyed their beverages, all while offering an eco-friendly drinkware option.

3. Beer Tray: Crafted custom Coca-Cola beer trays for easy beverage transport and service, providing enhanced brand support for restaurants and bars.

4. Beer Basket: Supplied Coca-Cola customized beer baskets suitable for loading and showcasing various products, guiding consumers to explore different Coca-Cola beverage flavors.

5. Candy Jar: Designed candy jars adorned with the Coca-Cola logo, ideal for storing candies and snacks, attracting customers to Longrichbar and increasing sales.

6. Tin Gift Box: Created exquisite tin gift boxes containing Coca-Cola beer or beverages, perfect as special occasion giveaways, strengthening emotional connections with consumers.

7. 5L Beer Bucket: Provided 5-liter Coca-Cola beer buckets, suitable for family gatherings and small-scale events, offering consumers a taste of diverse beer flavors, enhancing social experiences.

8. 10L Oval Beer Bucket: Offered 10-liter Coca-Cola beer buckets, attracting larger gatherings and events, providing an enjoyable brand experience for attendees.

9. Table Bottle Opener: Custom Coca-Cola table bottle openers, ensuring convenience for customers to open beverage bottles at any time, increasing customer satisfaction.

10. Bottle Opener: Supplied bottle openers featuring the Coca-Cola logo, allowing consumers to effortlessly enjoy their drinks, while serving as a constant brand reminder.

11. Napkin Dispenser: Customized napkin dispensers ensured easy access to napkins for customers when needed, enhancing the customer experience.

12. Display Stand: Provided Coca-Cola customized display stands for showcasing new products, increasing product visibility, and driving sales.

13. LED Poster Light Frame: Produced Coca-Cola promotional posters with LED light frames, enhancing poster attractiveness and drawing attention.

14. Handwriting Display Board: Supplied handwriting display boards for special occasions like promotional events, facilitating custom messaging and interactive engagement with customers.

15. Menu Board: Created menu boards with product information for use by distributors, increasing customer awareness of available products and facilitating ordering.



Production Process: We closely collaborated with the Coca-Cola team to gain a deep understanding of their brand philosophy and marketing objectives. Based on their requirements, we embarked on crafting custom promotional items that perfectly embodied the essence of Coca-Cola's brand. Each product utilized high-quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative design to ensure alignment with Coca-Cola's brand image. Our collaboration involved multiple rounds of discussions and improvements to ensure that the final products exceeded their expectations.


Key Achievements: These innovative promotional projects yielded significant results for Coca-Cola. Through our partnership with Longrichbar, Coca-Cola successfully achieved project objectives:

Significant Boost in Brand Exposure: Custom promotional products widely used across various settings heightened Coca-Cola's brand presence.

Sales Growth and Market Share Expansion: Attracting more consumers to explore different Coca-Cola products drove sales growth and expanded market share.

These products not only enhanced Coca-Cola's marketing efforts but also significantly enriched the variety of offerings their brand provides in the market, delivering a unique brand experience to customers.


Client Testimonial: "We extend our sincere gratitude to Longrichbar for crafting such unique promotional products. These items not only bolstered our marketing efforts but also significantly enriched the variety of offerings our brand provides in the market. This collaboration has been truly meaningful, far surpassing our initial expectations." - Coca-Cola Brand Regional Representative

Coca-Cola peripheral products


Client Review

Lessons Learned and Forward-Looking Perspective: This project underscored our expertise and innovation in the field of promotional products. By creating innovative promotional items for Coca-Cola, we helped them achieve their brand promotion goals while solidifying their leadership position in the market. As we continue to move forward, our commitment to innovative design and excellence in craftsmanship will continue to permeate every project, injecting fresh vitality into the brand experience and setting new industry standards.

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