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Since its inception,  Longrichbar has aimed to provide excellent and impressive solutions to our customers.We have established our own product design development centre.We follow a strict standard quality control process to ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers' expectations.


In addition we offer a one-stop service to our customers around the world.Longrichbar is a specialist manufacturer of bar beer supplies and beverage supplies. Over the years, we have operated several of the world's leading alcoholic beverage brand projects. We have a wealth of experience,welcome to call for advice.

In the dynamic landscape of corporate gifting, Tila Top Up introduces a bespoke range of Customized POSM Promotional Corporate Gifts and Premium Items. This curated collection features standout products such as Biros, Customized Lanyards, Bottle Opener Keychains, Promotional Stickers, Drawstring Bags, and Customized Caps. Tila Top Up's commitment to innovation and brand excellence shines through in this thoughtfully designed array.
In the vibrant world of beer, SOL introduces an enticing array of Peripheral Gifts as part of its POSM Promotional Merchandise collection. Featuring standout items like the metal beer bucket, retro cooler box, beer coaster, and beer tray, SOL Beer's curated selection reflects a commitment to enhancing brand experiences and engaging consumers with unique and functional merchandise.
In the dynamic realm of beverages, Budweiser Beer takes center stage with its captivating Marketing Promotional Merchandise, a curated collection of essential items designed to enhance the bar and restaurant experience. From bar mats to flat bottle openers, wooden 6-pack holders, galvanized beer buckets, beer glass cups, wall magnet bottle openers, to the Beer Glasses Wood Paddle Serving Tray — this assortment reflects Budweiser's commitment to innovative marketing and elevating brand interactions.
In the dynamic world of beverages, We provide promotional solutions for Captain Morgan regional customers sets sail with a distinctive Customized POSM Beer Supplies Promotion Project, featuring a lineup of essential items that elevate the brand experience. From bar mats to bottle openers, beer trays, plastic ice buckets, and retro cooler box, this project is a testament to Captain Morgan's commitment to innovation and immersive brand promotions.
The brewery industry is highly competitive, and Sleeman Breweries understands the importance of unique promotional items that leave a lasting impression. Our custom metal square bucket is a standout product, complementing Sleeman's brand identity with precision and flair.
In today's fiercely competitive market, the challenge of attracting and retaining customers is constant. Is your restaurant effectively engaging customers? Are promotions boosting the average order value in your establishment? Is your brand making a memorable impact? Even the finest beverages may go unnoticed without proper presentation.
In the dynamic world of beverage presentation, we are delighted to present our latest innovation — a tailor-made Tsingtao Beer Tower and Bar Mat, meticulously designed for the distinguished Chinese beer brand, Tsingtao.
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