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Pepsi Cola - Customized POSM solutions and Restaurant amenitles


Brand: Pepsi-Cola

Pepsi Cola - Customized POSM solutions and  Restaurant amenitles 1


In today's fiercely competitive market, the challenge of attracting and retaining customers is constant. Is your restaurant effectively engaging customers? Are promotions boosting the average order value in your establishment? Is your brand making a memorable impact? Even the finest beverages may go unnoticed without proper presentation.

Embarking on numerous POSM projects for the globally renowned beverage brand, Pepsi-Cola, we have been instrumental in elevating the brand's restaurant promotions. Our focus has been on crafting a range of bespoke POSM items, including customized beer tray, bottle opener, bar mat, aluminum cup, metal napkin dispensers, plastic tissue organizers, and chopstick holders, to amplify brand visibility and enhance the overall dining experience.


Effective marketing acts as a catalyst for broadening your reach, establishing lasting connections with customers. From the bar counter, a focal point, to every dining table, we seamlessly incorporate Pepsi-Cola's identity into aesthetically pleasing merchandise through captivating designs and vibrant color combinations.

Tailored for smooth surfaces, the Pepsi-Cola bar mat boasts a modern, elegant, and minimalist design that enhances the ambiance. The customized beer trays, bottle openers, and aluminum cups showcase iconic Pepsi-Cola elements, ensuring a memorable and branded experience for your patrons. Metal napkin dispensers and plastic tissue organizers contribute to a tidy and branded dining environment, while chopstick holders add a touch of convenience and sophistication.


At Pepsi-Cola, we believe in the power of pairing your marketing strategy with high-quality, eye-catching POSM to stimulate and excite your target audience's senses. Leveraging our expertise and product knowledge, we perfect the design of your marketing merchandise to seamlessly align with your unique brand identity.

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